Is a film director with a background in architecture and environmental design, working with brands to tell stories across all media.

︎ I champion social and environmental responsibility.


01.  Photography

02.  Multi-media

03.  Film

• work in progress

Beach plastic on a card from a friend, Not Here but Here by M.F.K. Fisher and Plats du Jour by Patience Grey.

Beach plastic and found plastic. 

Park Sanssouci
Potsdam, Germany
Green and Blue
A cloud-filled sky in Northern Germany and a dented blue van near Abbesses. Green leaves blowing in the wind, green shutters and an acid green van parked in front of the blue van.

Villa des Platanes
Paris, France

Neuilly-sur-Marne, France
Green, Pink and Grey
Stone and water.  

Neues Museum by
David Chipperfield Architects
Berlin, Germany

Villa Necchi by Piero Portaluppi
Milan, Italy

Two trees in a garden designed by Peter J. Lenné.
Potsdam, Germany
Things by the side of the road.

Wildflowers 2
Palaia, Italy