is a photographer and creative leader with a background in architecture and environmental design, working with brands to tell stories across all media. 

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About Arianne
Barcelona 2010-2020

           Designed by creative master Raquel Quevedo and written by Diana Martín, the book explores a different approach to revisit and discover the brand’s most iconic pictures from artists such as Christian Colomer, Camila Fálquez, Ana Kras and Chloe Horseman, among many others. You will also find a unique section with unpublished material that has been specially made for the occasion: About Arianne’s 2020 Constellation. We have invited 20 artists to work in pairs combining their craft and vision to create new art pieces and celebrate About Arianne’s tenth anniversary.

Special collaborators: Alba Yruela, Claire Cottrell, Christian Colomer, Crista Leonard, David Gómez, Faro Lacueva, Jara Varela, Joana Martins, Joshua Perkin, Malva Sawada, Marc Morro, Marria Prats, Nina Adams, Oriol Bruc, Ricardo Sanfeliu, Silvia Conde, Valeria Vasi, Xavier Mañosa, Yosigo and Zaida Sabatés. Plus a Robbie Whitehead illustration.

Robert Griffin Lowe
Marfa, TX Life of the Body

           Designed by Sam Jayne. Photography and set design by Claire Cottrell. Inspired by one frame in The Conformist, Dir. Bernardo Bertolucci (1970). Record Label: Western Vinyl