Is a film director with a background in architecture and environmental design, working with brands to tell stories across all media.

︎ I champion social and environmental responsibility.


01.  Photography

02.  Multi-media

03.  Film

• work in progress

“Please remove your shoes and come in.”
Los Angeles, CA (2015)

Les Fleurs du Japon, the second installment of London-based artist Johanna Tagada’s Épistolaire Imaginaire  わけあうことば”, a semi-autobiographical, multimedia work first installed at Utrecht Art Book Shop and NOW IdeA gallery in Tokyo. The artist invites visitors to leave a written memory of a moment of simple happiness in exchange for a letter by the artist.

Plus, rare and unusual books.

Les Fleurs du Japon

July 11 - 25


Saturday, July 11th
3 - 6 PM

iKO iKO + Building Block
1727 North Spring Street 3F
Los Angeles, California

Book Stand at the Vitra Apartment
Berlin, DE (2014)

A week-long event including works about the natural world, a community dinner, and a viola performance.