“I think collectively we’re in a time where you’re trying to navigate through all the weight that is put on you and wanting to come out of it feeling like you’ve done your part. I think as an artist there is that pressure to create something that is able to lend a voice in some way…to respond to the world around you.”

-Kenesha Sneed to Leigh Patterson, APIECE APART

“I think [being present] is just waking up and choosing to live life from a place of purity, especially when it comes to taking care of and loving yourself. So if I can brush my hair, or cook, or breathe with this unprecedented respect and love for myself I am really changing the way I interact with everything. It’s truly radiant. It also takes practice.”

-Cassi Gibson to Leigh Patterson, APIECE APART

“My parents always said two big things: Live life to its fullest. Things change overnight so live in the moment and appreciate it. I think I have an obsession with this and for my clients. Second, education is everything. This doesn’t stop at school — continue to learn and absorb. Those are things that no one can take away from you—not a revolution, or a financial downfall, or a person—your education is yours to keep and grow with.“

-Pamala Shamshiri to Leigh Patterson, APIECE APART