“Beauty is solace.”
(J. Brodsky)
                 Claire is a writer, director, creative director, and specialist researcher based in Los Angeles, California. Recent work: “Chung King Road and the Scent of Fear at Midnight” for MATTO Project. “VALENTINO: RE-SIGNIFY PART ONE SHANGHAI. The Power Station of Art presents the work of PIERPAOLO PICCIOLI in dialogue with the moods, motivations and enquiry of our time” for MANY OF THEM. “KENZO: BLADERUNNING INTO A NEW ERA. FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA’s garments paint a canvas of urban metamorphosis” for MANY OF THEM. Associate Editor for MANY OF THEM [ issue ] #8 [ title ] MANY OF THEM RAISES THE QUESTION: HOW CAN WE USE TECHNOLOGY TO CREATE TOGETHERNESS AND NOT SEPARATION, LOVE AND NOT SUSPICION, A COMMON FUTURE AND NOT ISOLATION? “Reframing the Real: Peter Zumthor and an Alpine Landscape” for the School of Architecture at Princeton University.

What is the difference between a screen-image, an image on a page, an image in a frame, on a canvas, and so on? -T.J. Clark in conversation with Luc Tuymans, Gottfried Boehm & Hans M. De Wolf,. “The Brussels Sessions”, The Image Revisited (Belgium: LUDION 2018)

  1. A gelato shop in Rome. Identification of a Woman Dir. Michelangelo Antonioni (1982)