“Beauty is solace.”
(J. Brodsky)
                 Claire is a writer, researcher & filmmaker. Recent work: “Chung King Road and the Scent of Fear at Midnight” for MATTO Project. “VALENTINO: RE-SIGNIFY PART ONE SHANGHAI. The Power Station of Art presents the work of PIERPAOLO PICCIOLI in dialogue with the moods, motivations and enquiry of our time” for MANY OF THEM. “KENZO: BLADERUNNING INTO A NEW ERA. FELIPE OLIVEIRA BAPTISTA’s garments paint a canvas of urban metamorphosis” for MANY OF THEM. Associate Editor for MANY OF THEM [ issue ] #8 [ title ] MANY OF THEM RAISES THE QUESTION: HOW CAN WE USE TECHNOLOGY TO CREATE TOGETHERNESS AND NOT SEPARATION, LOVE AND NOT SUSPICION, A COMMON FUTURE AND NOT ISOLATION? “Reframing the Real: Lessons from an Alpine Landscape” for the School of Architecture at Princeton University. She is currently developing a film set between Rome and the Costa Paradiso in Sardinia. 

                Her work is included in the archives of the Film Department at The Museum of Modern Art in New York and her photography has been shown at Palais De Tokyo in Paris, Galerie für Moderne Fotografie in Berlin and Villa Lena Foundation in Palaia, Italy. Projects have been published in the Paris Review, T Magazine: The New York Times Style Magazine, Vogue, Architectural Digest, purple, and more.  She holds a B.A. in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a M.Landscape Architecture from the University of Southern California.


What is the difference between a screen-image, an image on a page, an image in a frame, on a canvas, and so on? -T.J. Clark in conversation with Luc Tuymans, Gottfried Boehm & Hans M. De Wolf,. “The Brussels Sessions”, The Image Revisited (Belgium: LUDION 2018)

  1. A gelato shop in Rome. Identification of a Woman Dir. Michelangelo Antonioni (1982)



Beach plastic on a card from a friend, Not Here but Here by M.F.K. Fisher and Plats du Jour by Patience Grey.

Beach plastic and found plastic. 

Park Sanssouci
Potsdam, Germany
Green and Blue
A cloud-filled sky in Northern Germany and a dented blue van near Abbesses. Green leaves blowing in the wind, green shutters and an acid green van parked in front of the blue van.

Villa des Platanes
Paris, France

Neuilly-sur-Marne, France
Green, Pink and Grey
Stone and water.  

Neues Museum by
David Chipperfield Architects
Berlin, Germany

Villa Necchi by Piero Portaluppi Milano, Italy

The idea is not to copy nature, but to give a feeling of nature.
- Piet Oudolf

Park Sanssouci
Potsdam, Germany

La Vigna di Leonardo
Milano, Italy

Orto Botanico di Brera
Milano, Italy

The Huntington Botanical Garden
Pasadena, California

Two trees in a garden designed by Peter J. Lenné.
Potsdam, Germany

Things by the side of the road.

Berlin, Germany

Via dei Giardini
Milano, Italy

Wildflowers 2
Palaia, Italy